Steel Gallery

The Steel Mill   

Live a totally interactive experience following the process of steel production.  There is much to explore: get on an elevator that will take you 200 meters under the Earth to a coal mine, or explode an iron mine in the outdoors.    Enjoy live science demonstrations performed by very interesting characters in the Scientific Nucleus. 

Did you know that…. 

Steel is the  most recycled material in the World and it is found everywhere: in trains, cars, bridges, buildings and places that you would never imagine, such as your clothes, your pantry and your bedroom.  There are even people who have steel in their bodies, like when you use braces!

The metal that we use to produce steel is obtained from minerals that are combinations of iron and oxygen.  One of them is hematite, named after a Greek word that means blood.  Hematite not only gives us iron, but also gives its color to cosmetics and other paints.  If you have used red lipstick, you have probably worn hematite.

 When you brush your teeth you use florite, barite and  calcite that are found in your toothpaste.  A television has 35 different minerals;   a telephone has more than 40.  As a whole there could be more than 100 minerals in your house.

Come and discover much more!!!