The Giant

Horno³ is much more than a museum , it is an Interactive Science and Technology  Center which, through the fascinating processes of the steel  industry, promotes scientific education and technology among children and adolescents.

Located in  Horno  Alto Nº 3 of the old Foundry of Monterrey, Horno 3 fuses science, technology, history and recreation to provide you with an exciting experience!

Our mission is to bring new generations to science and technology, celebrate our industrial past and offer new learning experiences , living and recreation for all .

From Fundidora Monterrey to Fundidora Park

In the early twentieth century emerged in northern Mexico that would be the beginning of the steel and iron industry in the country and Latin America. This was propitiated by several factors including the mining laws ,the construction of railr lines , the regional capital , the existence of mineral deposits , industrial development policy and political and social stability that occurred between 1890 and 1900 .

Before La Fundidora , as it was known , there were other enterprises, but none of them was an integrated steel industry .

It was Don Vicente Ferrara , of Italian descent , who with the support of its partners Leon Signoret , Eugene Kelly and Antonio Basagoiti and many other people from Monterrey , created the idea of building a steel indusrty that would respond to the great demand for imported beams, bridge structures, spokes and various other materials for construction.

The Company Fundidora Monterrey Iron & Steel was legally constituted on May 5, 1900 with an initial capital of 10 million pesos.

This company was made up of 3 furnaces and the departments of rolled steel, foundry, machinery, nuts and bolts, structures and transportation.

After operating for 86 years , Fundidora closed its doors on May 9,, 1986. This meant a very hard episode in the life of the city and marked forever so many people and families who had forged steel culture .

At the end of the company, the federal government granted the state government of Nuevo Leon the 130 hectares of land occupied by the Fundidora , with the purpose of creating a green space where also develop museums and theme parks as well as a Center of Business . So in 1988 he created the Trust Fun Park