National Monument

Horno Alto No 3, started its operation in 1968, the year in which Mexican Industry Rebounds and thus the Great Fundidora Monterrey Iron & Steel . After 18 years of continuous work and has been known as the largest oven Latin America Monterrey Fundidora closes its doors in the year 1986.

It was until 2005 that investment by the State Government and some individuals began the restoration and construction of what we now know as a Center Horno3 Interactive Technology -kind worldwide.

After a long and thorough process , the August 16, 2007 Horno3 is opened and before long , the November 10, 2009 received from the National Institute of Fine Arts in recognition of National Monument , which is the largest cultural distinction the country. Being Monument , the structure is protected by the Nation to protect them from damage caused by individuals and over time , thus ensuring its preservation before any attempt to demolish .

Under this decree , the building must be respected and preserved as

" ... That the high Furnace No. 3 is one of the most notable representative examples of industrial architecture , star of the industrialization of the city of Monterrey and urban growth catalyst , was established as the largest and most modern unit sixties in Latin America . It currently houses the Museo del Acero AC " " now part of the Protected Zone character called Museum Historic Site Industrial Archaeology site ... "

DECREE . 2009. Official Journal of the Federation. November 9, 2009 . p. 48-49 . In Section One .

A monument , it all works , architectural preferably with some artistic, historical or social for the group which was erected . An artistic monument are the real and personal property with significant aesthetic , made ??from the 20th century. Examples: Among the artworks are the works of Frida Kahloy Remedios Varo.