Diploma in Skills for Teaching Science

Teachers are key scientific and technological training of their students, which is why oven ³ Interactive Center of Science and Technology, in strategic alliance with CINVESTAV Monterrey Unit and the Ministry of Education , developed this diploma .

The Diploma in Skills for Science Education is enrolled in the National Catalogue of Professional Advancement and Continuing Education for Basic Education Teachers in Service 2012-2013.

The aim is :

   i . Bringing basic education teachers a solid understanding of contemporary scientific issues related to the official curriculum .

   ii . Promote the development of teaching skills for educational planning , developing explanations , observations, evidence and representations in the classroom.

  iii . Integrate scientific knowledge , mathematical and pedagogical content addressed.

  iv . To guide teachers to develop, as a result of the diploma , a portfolio of evidence to the classroom implementation . This portfolio is formed into deliverables session to session and at the end of each module.

   v . Also included didactic sequences , applications of each topic to the classroom, classroom projects , discussion of science articles and science teaching and evidence of application.

Duration :

120 hours distributed as follows:

 · 42 hours classroom sessions divided into 14 three-hour

 · 16 hour reading

 · 24 hours transfer to classroom practice

 · 15 hours online counseling

 · 23 hours building portfolio of evidence

The areas of knowledge :

 saw . Study of life

vii . Matter and Energy

viii . Environmental education for sustainability

 ix . New technologies in the classroom

This Diploma starts in three periods during the school year, August, January and April.