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You will be unable to load your CVS cash app card if you do not have a valid bank account linked to your cash app account. The previous posts are August 2021 (225), September 2021 (134). Is there a way to load money onto the Cash App card?

At the moment, you cannot use an ATM to load cash onto your cash app debit card. This card lets you spend your cash app funds directly at retailers (both online and traditional) and withdraw cash from ATMs, rather than transferring them to a traditional bank account. To add funds to your account, you must transfer the money from your bank account or have someone transfer the money from their cash app® account.

Walmart allows you to load your cash app card by just using your cash app id for a $3 fee through their counters. However, you cannot load a cash app card at Walgreens. There is a Walmart location where you can top up your Chime card and Cash App card.

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Where Can I Load My Cash App Card?

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