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The pace of Maddie's heart quickened. She heard the pride in her lover's words, like her presence in their life, meant something. How many times had other lovers laughed, or worse, stifled a cringe when she asked for the attention she craved?

Here was a lover who was open to her needs.

"I'm going to put this away before disaster strikes," she said, picking up the tray to transfer to the dining table.

The tranquility that had settled in her mind during dinner gave her confidence. Places where she might have found fault, like the curve of her belly, she saw as part of a whole, beautiful in her own eyes.

She savored her nudity without self-consciousness. And the vulnerability of being naked while Rylan was still clothed was intoxicating. Maddie heard fabric rustling and the rasp of a zipper.

Her breath rushed out in a single gust when she saw what was waiting for her.

Rylan's vest was unbuttoned, their tie loosened. Their shirttails had been untucked, the bottom buttons opened, and their jeans were rucked down just below their ass. A slender hand was wrapped around their length.

"Come over here," their voice scraped raw by arousal. Sparks skittered up their spine. The ribbing molded on the inner cup of their cock rubbed against their clit.

Maddie was overwhelmed by the sight of Rylan chasing their pleasure in their own skin and being given the privilege of witnessing it, of being the cause.

"Thank you," she said.

"For what?"

"All of this," she said. "For you."

"You're worth it."

Trust flowed between them, one bound to the other, its strength growing.

"What's next?" Maddie asked.

"I want you to keep my cock warm for me while I tell you how to make yourself come. Will you do that for me?"

She nodded, speechless, and wanting.

"I need words."

She swallowed. "Yes. Please."

"Thank you. What's your color?"

"Green," she said, watching Rylan stroke themself.

They reached over the arm of the couch and came back with a small bottle of lube and a condom, "Why don't you get me ready?"

"Your prick is gorgeous," Maddie said, rubbing her thumb across the slit. Their cock was uncut, the shaft veined and soft as silk.

Sharing this part of themself was a gamble. Other lovers in the past had professed comfort with Rylan’s body, only to grow awkward and unsure when their clothes came off.

Maddie wrapped her fingers around their dick and began to stroke them. Fuck, I'm gone for this woman, they thought, enthralled by the raw desire heating Maddie’s gaze.

They sighed any hesitancy or fear that had remained evaporated in the face of unconditional acceptance.

"Tell me what this feels like for you... If you want to."

"When you touch me, my prick moves against my clit..." they said. "Seeing your hand on me. It's just… right."

"It is," Maddie plucked the condom from Rylan's hand. Her fingers were trembling, she fumbled the package, and it fell, landing on the carpet between her thighs.

Rylan chuckled.

"Keep laughing, smart ass," she said.

They bent forward, quick as light, gripping the back of her neck, "When I said you could talk, I didn't mean sass, baby girl. Keep that in mind if you want to come tonight."

Their stern tone stoked the fire burning in the cradle of Maddie's hips. "Yes, daddy."

Their voice softened. "Do you need help?"

"No, I got this," she smiled, opening the condom packet and rolling the thin sheath over their cock. Squeezing a dollop of lube into her palm, she slid her hand over Rylan's length. When they were wet, she straddled their lap, so they were positioned chest to chest.

Rylan stopped her with a palm on her hip. "No, the other way, your back to my front, so you can lean against me."

She bit down on her lip. "Fuck, yes.”

Maddie leaned forward and arched her lower back, flaring her vulva open with her fingers. Rylan's vision swam in a heady spin, like the dizziness that comes from peering over a cliff's edge. Their mouth watered and they were possessed by a yearning fierce enough to burn them to ash.

They held the base of their shaft as she sank down. A sob exploded from their chest as they watched themself slide into their lover's body. Her tension eased when she was fully seated, and she collapsed back, head falling on their shoulder.

"How're you doing?" they asked, hands gliding from the top of Maddie's thighs, up over the length of her body.

"Green," she said. A sheen of sweat cooled on her breasts and her thigh muscles were trembling. The fullness within her was tantalizing, and she started to roll her hips.

Rylan's hands held her still. "As tempting as watching you ride me might be, I asked you to keep my cock warm, not fuck it, remember?"

"Anything I can do to get you to rethink that plan?"


Maddie pouted. "You're mean.”

"I am," they said, positioning her legs outside of their own, widening their knees. Maddie’s cunt opened like a moonflower. A flush of arousal spread down her neck and across her full breasts.

"You feel incredible,” she said.

"So do you. I've thought about this since you sent me your picture. I knew you were remarkable, just from looking at you, then we met... I wanted to make love to you that first night."

"You could have asked," Maddie panted, "I would have given you anything."

"I know," they stopped for a breath, swallowing. "Thank you for waiting for me."

"It was an unbearable hardship."

Rylan flicked her, earlobe. "What did I just say about sass?"

"Use it with abandon?”

"Brat." They nipped at her bare shoulder.

She giggled. "You know that's not news, right?"

"I'm well aware. Now shush."

They drew their hands up Maddie's inner thighs. She shivered, their calloused fingers stopped centimeters from her pussy, they pressed her legs open a fraction more.

"Play with your nipples. Be gentle."

The escort ordered from Devozki ads cupped her breasts, savoring the fullness and weight in her hands. Squeezing, she swept her thumbs across the buds until they were hard.

She groaned when she took each nub between a thumb and forefinger. It was easy to imagine the heat of Rylan's plush mouth and the quick sting of their bites.

"How does that feel?" they asked.

"Phenomenal, but I wish it were you."

Lifting one of her hands away from her breast, they set the tips of her fingers to her lips. She began to lick and suck without having to be told.

"Get them as wet as you like."

While she made love to her hand, Rylan grappled again with the urge to abandon their game. They wanted Maddie's tongue on their skin, but the pull of seeing her fall apart beneath their hands was stronger.

There'll be plenty of time for that later, they thought.

"Is this wet enough?" Maddie lifted her hand for them to see.

"Yeah," they said and placed her fingers on her clit. Palming the inside of her thighs, Rylan pulled her tight against them, thrusting upward at the same moment and she cried out, a primal exclamation ripped from her gut.

They held her motionless while she caught her breath.

"Sounds like that felt good?" Rylan asked.

“Incredible,” Maddie panted.

"If you come without moving now, you may come as many times as you like. However, you like, for the rest of the night," Rylan said, offering Maddie a prize for her submission.

"I want to ride your face while I suck on you and make you come," Maddie said, sliding her fingers to either side of her opening.

The image of their lover's sex above them punched the air out of Rylan’s lungs, and they grunted. Their voice ruined when they managed to find words. "Whatever you want."

"How do you want me to touch myself?"

They hooked their chin over Maddie's shoulder. "Start with a slow tease."

Maddie began to massage her clit. She used her other hand to trace skin stretched taught where Rylan's cock entered her body.

"Stunning. Tell me when you're getting close," they said, dragging their hands down her sides, blunt nails scraping light enough to feel, but not tickle.

Maddie trembled in their arms as they poured a litany of filth into her ear, while they massaged her thighs, her belly, and her shoulders.

Her stillness, the way she sought her release within the boundaries they had drawn for her, was a gift.

"I'm close," Maddie groaned, panting quick and shallow, her hand moving over clit in a flurry.

"Put your hands on your thighs," Rylan ordered. They centered one hand between her breasts, sucking in a full-bodied, deliberate breath, "I want you to breathe with me. You're doing so well."

Maddie breathed in time with Rylan, the furious want coursing through her moments before lessened enough to bear.

"Color?" Rylan asked.


"Do it again."

They brought her to the peak again and again, until she quaked in their arms. Clutching her thighs, she panted and moaned, her hips locked in place, her knuckles white with the force of her grip.

"Please, daddy. Please, I can't..." she gulped in air, sucking breaths like she had run for miles without stopping.

"What do you need?"

"To come, please let me come."

Maddie was resplendent in her hunger. The muggy heat rising from her skin curled the hair at the base of her neck and her hairline. Sweat beaded on her shoulders, and tears fell from her eyes, unchecked.

"You're so fucking beautiful and have been so good for me. Come for me."

With her head lolling against Rylan's shoulder, they placed their hand over her overstimulated, swollen clit. The delicate pearl was round and firm.

"Go ahead, baby girl," they whispered.

Instinct took over, and she pressed her hand over theirs, guiding their fingers, teaching them how she wanted to be touched. Turning her face into Rylan's neck, mouth open on their skin, she uttered a series of staccato cries, as she drove herself closer to orgasm.

The fire banked so high within her that her release tore through her like an explosion. Her legs and arms shook with an astounding force. She wept with relief as the channel of her sex spasmed around their shaft.

Her mind and body were one in a perfect moment. She released her tether on her awareness, trusting in her lover to keep her from floating away.

Maddie returned to herself as Rylan was laying her down, swaddled in the fleece blanket she'd seen on her first visit. Their voice kept up a steady stream of comforting talk as they smoothed sweat from her brow.

"There you are," they said, their smile gentle.

"Here I am," she answered, wiggling in her cocoon until she was snuggled with her head on Rylan's thigh, looking up into their eyes.

"You were magnificent," Rylan said. "Thank you."

Maddie intended to respond in kind, but when she opened her mouth, she surprised herself with what tumbled from her lips, "I love you. I know I'm all awash in oxytocin and endorphins. I promise this isn't the subspace talking, although it's pretty fucking great. I don't think I can go another minute without you knowing. Also, I'm thirsty, and you better have some chocolate around here somewhere."

"I love you, too, my sweet girl," Rylan said, their eyes bright with tears, "and of course, I've got chocolate, but maybe let's start with some juice first."

They produced a glass, full of ice and sweating with condensation. It was refreshing against her lips, the flavor of orange and pineapple clearing away the remaining fog in her mind.

Trading the drink for a square of dark chocolate laced with tart raspberry she nibbled on her treat, eyes heavy with exhaustion. She thought of forcing herself to sit up, but Rylan had begun a soft patter of words, praising and gentle.

"I just need a minute to rest my eyes," she mumbled.

They looked down at Maddie, bound in place by the peaceful happiness that shined from her face.

"Sleep now, love," they said, stroking her hair, and watching her chest rise and fall until the only sound was the susurration of two people breathing in unison.

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