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Foreign Universities and Thesis Defense

A good starting point when choosing a university is its ranking, which provides a complete list of universities located in a particular country. It can be used to judge the prestige of the institution, but these ratings should not be taken too literally for several reasons. Firstly, a number of indicators are used in the calculation, and it is not always clear how these indicators were measured, for example, student satisfaction with the course of study.

And it happens that in a prestigious university, this satisfaction is lower than in the institution that is in last place. And, this also applies to the introductory prices, and the requirements are much higher than those of a more prestigious institution. And now it’s worth studying the programs, because in courses with the same names, the specifics of the programs themselves can be completely different, there may be different specializations, different subjects from which you can choose.

As a rule, everyone is used to the fact that universities are located in big cities, but abroad they can be located on the outskirts of a small village, and living takes place directly on the territory of the institution.

Defense of the thesis

After writing his thesis for several years, the graduate student begins preparation for the defense. The preparation itself takes about 6 months, but in fact, as practice shows, this time is not enough. This period is provided so that the finished work can be brought to defense, while it is not assigned for the summer period, usually it takes place at the end of June. It is necessary to start editing before the New Year in order to be in time, otherwise it will all go away for the summer, and time will be lost.

The first stages include the fact that a graduate student must collect his department, those people who worked with him, presenting them his work in the author's edition. At this small meeting, a person can be given small comments on the dissertation, advised to correct something. This is the so-called friendly conversation with doctors, candidates who will tell you what to do and how to do it.

After that, the work itself is edited to the final state. In addition to everything, you will need to write an abstract, it is a small book of 24 sheets with various images. It must be prepared when the dissertation text is ready. In any case, many amendments and corrections will be required.

The abstract itself can be taken from the one that was defended last in the dissertation council, and redone it in your own way. When everything is ready, you yourself need to choose the council to which you will apply, it may be in the institution where the graduate student is studying, or it may be elsewhere, depending on the specialty.

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