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How to write a fantasy book

What to do if you can not write? If fear struck?

If you have definitely decided that you want to write a fantasy. Come up with a title for the book and the names of the characters. Decided on the realities of the world and sketched out the sketches of the episodes. Started working, wrote one, two or three chapters of the book. And suddenly... At some point, we opened the file, looked at the new sheet of paper and? Scary?

Let's take a look at pay for paper writing what writer's fears are most often associated with.

The main fear, perhaps, is "Who will be interested in reading this...?"

It has everything to do with the psychology of the writer. It speaks to an underestimation of one's own abilities or ignorance of them.

Who would be interested? To you, of course! You are the creator of the essays for sale world. You are a creator, and you create first of all for yourself. Not enough of yourself? Look around and find people with whom you are on the same page. If they understand your thought process, they will also be interested in your work.

Just in case: everybody loves elves, and you are sure to find a kindred spirit among "elven chroniclers". Or rather, a huge community of them.

The second fear is "What if I don't like it, but I tried so hard?

Also psychology. The child's tail of inferiority complex, plus a desire to please everyone.

The novel may not like it? It can. Some people like rubles, and some people like dollars, and some people like only euros. And even if your romance - "euros", there will still be someone who worships only the native kroner.

Take it as a given right away, your book will have critics at the beginning. This is normal. Don't forget that you, too, are a reader. And you don't like everything either.

And if you decide to show a draft or work up a story, accept criticism. The main thing is to ignore the kindergarten "This is bullshit!" and appreciate good feedback. Believe in yourself and keep looking for your readers.

The third fear: "I made it up so beautifully, and it doesn't turn out the way I wanted it to...?"

Perfectionism in creativity is Evil. With a capital letter. And the best is the enemy of the good.

Yes, it doesn't work the way you originally "saw" it. Your story is alive. It's a living narrative, with living characters and - with a living idea. And the more you write, the more visibly the world comes alive. And one day the story will take on a life of its own. Complementing the idea. Creating new intrigue. "Giving birth to new characters. And that's okay. What's more, it's great!

It is the "living" stories that we really get into.

So if you want to write not just a "flow" fantasy novel "in a series" - get rid of fears and complexes. In creative writing, they are a burden that will pull you down. And cramp your imagination, forcing you to grasp at clichés.

And you want to really create - and create your own worlds? So let's go!

And the road will take the walker.

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