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ESA Dogs grooming Tips - 2022 Guide

Our lives are always busy. Most of the days the work is so demanding that it leaves little room for anything else. Socializing or hanging out with friends or just resting becomes very challenging. Humans have an innate need for esa letter online socialization to stay sane. It is in the nature of human beings to crave connection thus they cannot survive in isolation especially in these trying times of a global pandemic. Covid has changed the world and lockdowns have caused many people to suffer from severe mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. In such situations, people look towards other options to help with their isolation.

The same thing happened to me about a year ago when Coronavirus first hit. I was depressed and lonely. It began affecting my mental health. That was a point in my life that the inability of not being able to see my family drove me crazy and I was at the point of collapsing. That is when I decided to see a psychiatrist friend of mine and she suggested that I adopt an emotional support animal.

I was not familiar with what emotional support animals were. So I started to read about them. I found out that there are millions of people who are suffering from depression and anxiety especially these days. It was kind of a relief knowing that I was not alone in this journey. Anyways the process seemed fairly simple as it was very easy. So, I went about my journey of adopting my emotional support animal. I had gotten the ESA letter from my therapist and now I just needed to choose one. It is not easy to select one of the many adorable animals that are sitting in their small homes. I opted for a dog, a golden Labrador. I have always liked dogs but just never got the chance to get one. But now was my chance.

I had always heard from pet owners what a joy it is to have a friend with you 24/7. You can play with them, you can sit in silence with them, you can cuddle them, it just makes a perfect companion to ward off your loneliness. Anyways, after I got my ESA, I had to give my landlord the ESA letter for housing so he would let my dog stay with me. But this is not where the story ends or even begins. The beginning is when I got him used to the new environment he would be living in, new toys, a bed, food, treats and so much more. I named him Bruno.

Bruno is a friendly dog. He is very intelligent and is very quick at learning new things which makes it easier for me to teach him. The first few weeks were spent with both of us getting to know each other. I learned that he is a good dog, friendly, and likes to play a lot and nap a lot as well. He learned that I can get easily stressed and anxious at times and need his support which he is happy to provide. He also likes to cuddle which always makes my day.

I wasn't a social person before adopting Bruno. My social circle consisted of two people that I hung out with most of the time. But because of covid restrictions even changed. But since I got Bruno, I go out more because I have to take him for regular walks during his regular playtime in the dog park. It allows me to meet other emotional support animal owners and we share our experiences and feelings with each other. He has helped me to engage with more people through emotional support dog letter. Also taking him out for walks allows me to go outside every day as well and I can get a mile in for myself too. So he also helps me in getting some healthy exercise and staying active.

When I used to be alone, it was very easy for me to spiral into negative thoughts and stay in bed. I did not leave my house for days and did not eat healthily. But since I got him, he helps me focus on the good things in life and overcome all the negative emotions. Whenever I feel down, he is always there to make me feel good. He plays with me and likes to cuddle until I feel like myself again.He makes me a better person.Needless to say that my emotional support animal has changed my life for the better. I wish i had gotten him sooner.

One thing I also did not know before adopting Bruno is that he comes with a lot of rights that are given to him by the law. The emotional support animal letterthat I got from the therapist has all the details of the rights that he has. I can take him to the restaurant and I can keep him with me everywhere I go. I always felt anxious about going to restaurants alone but with him by my side, I do not feel like I am alone. It took a while for him to get used to all the noise of restaurants and cafes but now that he knows what it is like going out to eat, he always stays on his best behavior and doesn't bug the people around us.

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