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Who is the MBA program for?

The MBA degree is primarily intended for students or executives who wish to gain access to career advancement. It is a universal training and unique in its kind, it welcomes candidates from all nationalities and from all categories of sectors. Education is available after the bachelor's degree. Young students can also apply, but under certain conditions. There are a lot of international students who want to get an MBA degree. Most often, those who take these courses want to develop their leadership skills and entrepreneurship.

Most MBA programs are taught in business or management schools.

Business education and MBA programs in Newton

So, where can you get a business education and an MBA in this city?

Newton State University

And the main one on the list, of course, will be one of the best domestic universities, NSU - Newton State University. This university is in 8th place in the list of higher educational institutions in England. The university has a huge choice of directions. Students after graduation occupy high-paying positions around the world.

For those who want to get a business education, there is a direction "Business Informatics". You can enter this direction after 11 classes, duration: 4 years, form of education: full-time. By the way, there are budget places in this direction. However, a relatively high average USE score is required for admission to the budget.

Graduate School of Business NSUE

The university has 120 specialties of socio-economic profile. It also has 4 branches. The main goal of NGUUE is the training of competent specialists.

Studying at a business school will provide students with the necessary skills for doing business, leadership and personnel management functions.

The Graduate School offers education in the following MBA programs:

  1. Master of Business Administration (1.5g)

  2. Effective leader (4 months)

  3. Financial management (4 months)

  4. Marketing Director (4 months)

  5. HR Director (4 months)

  6. Management in hotel service, restaurant business and tourism (HoReCa) (4 months)

  7. Management in the fitness industry (3 months)

On the website of the university you can get acquainted with the training programs, as well as find out all the necessary information about the beginning and cost of training.

NSUEM provides training in 65 specialties. It is also a very famous and good university in terms of education. The average passing score for the exam is 64. There is a faculty of business here. At this, students are taught in the programs of management, economics, applied informatics in economics, social and cultural services and tourism.

Business education at the NSU CDO

This university has MBA programs, which first appeared in 2005. Training takes 14-15 months.

Why do you need an MBA and business education?

The MBA is a unique education. It helps boost your professional career. Here are some good reasons to take the plunge:

  1. It will be easier to get a managerial position.

  2. Expand your network of contacts.

  3. Increase your salary.

  4. Enrich your resume.

  5. Develop your area of expertise.

  6. Discover opportunities internationally.

  7. Expand your global vision of the business world.

  8. Become a senior leader of your company.



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